Windows Snapshot Grabber 2010.2



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Windows Snapshot Grabber can capture window to get Title, Class, Font and etc., and Windows Snapshot Grabber can set window as Topmost, Enabled or Disabled, Show or Hide window, set Transparent, capture a window Snapshot or screenshots with menus. Windows Snapshot Grabber supports capture window snapshot or capture region screenshots. Windows Snapshot Grabber also supports delay snapshot with press and release Shift, it is real convenient. WinGrab get window's or control's details such as Style/ExStyle, Font and Color. And it can enable or disable a window or button or other control. Hide or set a window as transparent. Set a window as topmost. Resize a window or control for capture a snap. Especially WinGrab can capture a window snap with menus. WinGrab can capture a control snap also. WinGrab is very light and simply and user-friendly program. And it can remember all history of changed window. It can support task which can close some nag window or dialog automatically. The main features of Windows Snapshot Grabber: Capture window or region snapshot, also with menus Supports capture transparent and layered window snapshot Capture window and highlight the captured window Get Handle/ID/Name/Title/Class/Style/ExStyle/Font/Color Enabled or Disabled window Show or Hide window, change window's Visible Resize window, move window, change its left, top, width and height Set window as Topmost, stay on top Set window's transparency, change its alphablend Snap window or region, and snap it with menus Remember the history of the changed window for undo Supports task that close nag window or dialog automatically The KEYWORDS of Windows Snapshot Grabber: capture window,resize window,enable window,disable window,hide window,set as topmost,stay on top,transparent window,window transparency,get window font,pickup color,close nag window automatically,window snapshot,screenshots,screen capture

Systems: Windows

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